Social Media + The Comparison Effect

It's no secret that I love Pinterest. I really do. 

I can spend hours flicking through all the prettiness and pulling together beautiful, curated collections of images. I have even been known to justify such time as 'research'. And, it can actually be a great collaborative tool for client projects. 

Lately though it's become a bit of a problem - actually it's wrong to single out Pinterest, the problem is social media and blogs as a whole. Here's why....

I mentioned a little while a go that I wasn't happy with where my business was headed as it felt very removed from my values and goals. I made the decision to evaluate my whole business and rebrand to bring things back into alignment. So I excitedly sat down to explore where I was and where I want to be, and essentially take myself through the very process I use with my own clients when I help them to build their brands. 

It was all going swimmingly - I delved deep into the why behind my business, I explored my ideal customer, I thought about how I want my business to feel and how I can create an awesome experience for my customer. I moved onto creating the tangible side of my brand and created mood boards and started work on my identity.

Then I looked at Pinterest. 

I saw what others were doing and I changed my direction a bit to be more in line with what seemed to work for them. I read someone else's blog and changed course a bit more and so it continued. As I was getting ready to relaunch I took a look at the brand I had developed and....


It wasn't my brand. It wasn't my story. It sounded like everyone else out there (surprise surprise!) and frankly, it made me feel icky and sad. 

I had essentially gone and done what I encourage all my clients not to do! As a creative business owner it can sometimes be so much harder to focus on your own business than that f your clients, don't you think? 

As a result, whilst I work on really defining my brand I have decided to take a break from social media. I will still be blogging here and I will still be posting on Instagram. But for the next week (or as long as I need), I won't be looking at Pinterest or Twitter or reading the blogs I follow on Bloglovin. I am pretty sure the world won't fall apart in this time and I can catch up on everything once I am done. I just really need to step away from my computer screen and the allure of everyone else's life/business and get to grips with my own. 

I will be continuing to work on awesome client projects, whilst figuring out how my business can best (and authentically) serve them and you better. 

As always I so appreciate your support! 

Toast // Nov 2014

I have recently made it an intention to overhaul my wardrobe. It's current state is quite scary - jam packed full of items I hardly ever wear or that don't fit properly. So I have set myself a goal for October to clear out what I no longer want and donate it to charity, then create a capsule wardrobe of just a few key items (most of which I already own).  

Where I need to buy something new, my motto is very much 'quality over quantity'.  I want to focus on investing in quality pieces that don't really go out of style, are beautifully made and use the best fabrics I can afford. 

Enter Toast

I love this shop and I LOVE their November collection!  Above are a few of my favourite pieces - I really want that Fairisle cardigan! Not only are the clothes and homewares gorgeous but the photography in their lookbook is super inspiring. 

*This post is not sponsored. I just really, really like Toast!